Marlow Heights 60s and 70s

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Whatever Happened To…?

Thinking back on Marlow Heights, Sandymount, Stoddert, Potomac, Red Barn, etc., did you ever wonder what happened to your old friends from the neighborhood, school, or summer job? Write me here and I’ll include the name of the person(s) you’re looking for. Site visitors can read this, and if they know anything, they can email me. I’ll publish a following page or email you back when people post responses to the queries below. Note: If your name appears here and you wish to have it deleted, email me and I will remove it.

“Alvin” (worked at a shoe store in Iverson Mall in the late 60s, and drove green station wagon)?

Rodney Adams (Suitland High School, and of the band, “Strange Bru”)?

June Andratti (lived in Camp Springs in the 60s and an avid equestrian, with a horse named, “Bonnie”)?

Bill Arnold?

Somewhere in Southern Maryland.

Allen Ashby?

alive and well in Las Vegas, and works as a Slots Technical Manager at the Aria Resorts and Casino.

Lynn Auginbaugh?

The Barkanics, John and Warren?

Heard that John is living in Gaithersburg now–my rival as “Fastest” at Sandymount–and Warren lives in San Diego.

Beth Barrington Living in Florida, have one son, and a full time student again

Veronica Beatrez?

heard she’s living and working in Waldorf.

Cindy Belcher?

Maria Benedetti?

Mike Berganski (Potomac ’76)?

Jane Berry (Potomac ’80, or ’81)?

Ellesworth Best?

happy and well in Marlow Heights, not far from where he grew up.

Paul Blume?

Retired police officer living in District Heights, with his wife and three kids. Email him at

The Brannans (Ronnie, Paul, Joyce, and Judy)

Kay Brashears?

Living in Virginia with her husband, Phil, and 4(?) sons.

Sherry Brock?

Harold Brown (was in Mr. Rich’s 6th grade class at Sandymount, ’69-’70, would be HS Class of ’76).

Mr. Brown (Band teacher at G. Gardner Shugart Jr. High, possibly in 1977, definitely 1978)?

Sonia Brown?

Billy Boswell?

Janet E. Buchanan – Suitland HS -class 1970?
Sandy Buckmaster (Sandymount, Stoddert, Marlow Heights Apartments)?

heard that she moved to Florida during the late 70s.

Ricky Burger (Potomac, Class of ’73)?

Heard that he’s living with his family in Columbia, MD.

Jeff Cash (Mr. Rich’s 6th grade class Sandymount ’69-’70, Stoddert ’70-’71)

Danny Carroll?

Sharon and Donna Church?

Sharon and Donna live in South Carolina.

Mary Cleary (Crossland ’67, lived in Hillcrest Heights)?

Gloria Cohen (Potomac, Class of ’73)?

Gary Cornell (Crossland ’66, lived in Marlow Heights, had a younger sister Eileen or Elaine)

Joe Davis?

Living in Waldorf, MD, happily married with children.

Keith Davis?
Mel Davis?
Valerie Davis?

Single and living outside of Seattle, Washington

Susan De Palma?

Living in New York City, working in the film industry.

Steve Dion (Suitland HS?)?

Miss Doyle (Sandymount 5th Grade teacher)?

She’s doing well, still living in the area.

“Gino” Dunnington?

Rick Eisenbarth?

Deanna Ellis?

Ezio Fama (Potomac ’76)?

John Fitzugh?
Patricia Ford?
Joe Forrestal?

Was in Florida as of the mid 80s.

Mark Foster?
Brenda Friday?

Happily married, living in Texas as a CPA.

Mrs. Galligan (Formerly Lawyer(sp) Chorus teacher at Stoddert)?

Randy Gordon (Suitland HS?)

Debbie Gore (I believe she was Potomac ’77?

Kathy Gray?
The Great Zucchini?
The following teachers from Green Valley Elementary School:  Mrs. Wilder, Mrs. Moore, Mr. Smallwood, and Mrs. Phillips?
Tammy Greer?

Happily married and enjoys playing the role as “NANA” now…living in St. Mary’s County.

Laura Gubisch?

Lives in DC and is a successful businesswoman.

Matt Gubisch?

Lives in Frederick, Maryland.

Sandi Gurkin?

Sandi (Potomac ’74) is married to Bob Riedel and lives in Waldorf.

The Haigwoods (Burl/Mike) in particular)
Burl lives in DC.

June Halloran?

happily married (now Andratti) and living in Calvert County.

Roberta Hanson?

| Heard she’s happily living in Central Virginia now.

Jim Harden?

Lives in Alexandria and works for the Treasury Department.

Vicky Harding?

Sadly, Vicky passed away August 14, 2007.

Donny & Mickey Harwell (lived on Iverson Street during the early 60s)

Micky is married, with children, and is living close to the Silver Hill Fire Department and Iverson Mall.

Susan Hatfield?
Katie Henderson
(Crossland ’67)?

Robert “Bob” Hendricks

A site visitor that used to date Bob informed me that he passed away in ’74.

Dean Hill (Potomac Class of ’74)?

Chris Hudson (Potomac Class of ’73, on the football and baseball teams and got around in a black Bug and a motorcycle)
Living in Orlando as a catastrophe claims adjuster.

Lorraine Hughes?

Billy Hull?

My boyhood pal from Deer Park Heights, now living in Indian Head. Billy was probably my best friend growing up in Deer Park Heights, and some of my best memories of the 60s and 70s were some of the many adventures Billy and I had together. Billy has also been in many bands and still plays.

Bill Irerson? Living in St Mary’s County Maryland

Vicky (Missy), Gary, Mike, and Darin James (all lived in Marlow Heights Apartment, next door to the Gulat family in the early 70’s.)

Danny and Mackie Jenkins?
Ernie and Earl Johnson?
I believe Ernie lives in PG County.
Charlie Jones
(was Chief Powhatan at Potomac)?
married and living in Gray, Kentucky.

Wayson Jones?
Pam Kaehr
(foreign language teacher at Potomac Sr High in the 70’s)?

Kathi Kaminsky (Potomac ’77)?
Still lives in the DC area.

Louie Kendall (later changed to Reynolds, attended Sandymount Elementary during the mid to late 60s)?

Cheryl Kidwell?

Living in St. Mary’s County.

Danny, John, Paul, and Regina Kilroy (lived in a single family home on Iverson Street next to Hillcrest Heights Shopping Center, attended Potomac in the 70’s and 80’s)
John married Niki Capanetti and moved to Phoenix in the late 70s, Danny is in New Orleans, and Reginia is in Clinton – are they still there?
Kathy Kittridge?
Believe she’s living in Pennsylvania.
Brenda Kumpula?
happily married with two children, and lives in Minneapolis, MN

Mr. Moneypenny (worked for Montgomery Wards in Iverson Mall)

Homer McMillion (Wood Arts teacher at Potomac)

Mr. McMillion passed away in 1998

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