1 thought on “Temple Hills ES 1963-1964 Yearbook Cover

  1. I went to Temple Hills Elementary from 1959- 1964. Loved that little school so much. Great teachers and such a positive experience there, esp w/Mrs. Flood’s 5th grade class. And Mrs. Sistrunk in the 3rd grade. Loved going to Saturday matinees there that featured Francis the Talking Mule, the Three Stooges, etc., and popcorn. Remember celebrating George Washington’s b-day w/cherry pie in the cafeteria. So much fun on the playground, esp on the good Ocean Wave ride. I feel so blessed to have attended a small neighborhood school where it felt like one big family and everyone knew everyone else. We all looked out for each other. Many great memories…is there a way to get a copy of any of the yearbooks from my time there? So wish that I could find old classmates!

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