McDonald’s 1970’s TV commercial
Remember this great TV ad?

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Thanks to the WPGC Tribute Site where the following audio links come from:

WPGC Retro Air Checks. Pick a year, any year from 1960-1984!

WPGC Sound Off: Kids staying up late, boys shooting birds, accident sideshow, and other important items of concern to Washingtonians back then.

WPGC Jingle Packages and Demos:  Who can forget the jingle, “WPGC, Good Guys Radio!”

WPGC Commercials:  Curtis Brothers, Glen Echo Amusement Park, Citizens Bank of Maryland, ABC Drive-In Theater, Gateway Square Apartments, Marlow Heights Shopping Center, and much, much more!

Click here to listen to Susan Gailey say that famous line “You get your way, at Ourisman Chevorlet”

Here are some links I found to the WEAM radio station:

Two WEAM sound bites in Real Audio from You can also buy a 71-minute CD of WEAM AM radio.

1970 WEAM promo (“Ar-ling-tonnnn” from DC Radio & TV’s web site  (wav file I believe courtesy of John Ahmad)

Red Barn jingle:  “When the Hungries hit, when the Hungries hit, hot the Red Barn!”

XM Radio tributes to WPGC and WEAM. XM Radio does a tribute show every Friday evening, highlighting a Top 40 radio station from the 60s. There was one specifically for WEAM in 2005, and one in 2006 for WPGC, WEAM, and WBIG. The latter was put together when WBIG, formerly the oldies station in the DC area, changed formats to, “The Greatest Rock and Roll of All Time”, in 2006. You can buy these programs on CD from Vuolo Video Air-Chex:

Look for it under, “GREAT STATIONS OF THE SIXTIES ON XM AVAILABLE ON CD”. It’s a lot of 60s music, but there are also original station air-checks, promos, jingles, commercials, and even some of the old DJs.