Retro Things

This area can be any number of things, such as old favorite toys, or even lamps that were stylish back when we were growing up in 60s and 70s Marlow Heights. Feel free to submit your own submissions here.

Remember the old Marx Shooting Gallery, the little arcade game that actually shot steel balls? I had one as a kid, but who knows where it ended up? Through the help of eBay, my wife got an original one for me! How About the old Give-A-Show Projector? I guess this was our version of a DVD player at the time. 🙂

These great retro things from ceral to shooting galleries were some of our favorites.

[veo class=”veo-yt” string=”Q-sTnm_aPBY”]

The voice of Quake was supplied by William Conrad (Canon, Jake and the Fat Man) who narrated the adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle.

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In the 1960s every boy had or dreamed of having “GI JOE”. Enjoy this original GI Joe commercial from the 60’s.

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Ahh, the good ole days. When your favorite cartoon character could relax with a Cigarette