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Pagoda 7

Pagoda 7

Pagoda 7 was a Polynesian style restaurant, located on the lower level of Iverson Mall, Hillcrest Heights, Maryland, across from People’s Drug and outside the lower level mall entrance to Montgomery Wards. It opened in 1969, and closed sometime in the late 1980s or early 1990s. The original owner was Gregory Mung-Sen Tu, who was prior to that the general manager of famous Trader Vic’s in the Capital Hilton.  Besides the restaurant’s Polynesian entrees, Pagoda 7 was well known for its potent drinks. In fact, many an Appliance Department Salesman from the adjacent Montgomery Wards spent enjoyed a “liquid lunch” on paydays at Pagoda 7, and would be a bit tipsy coming back. Pagoda 7 was also known for its house made salad dressing, kind of a sesame-soy mix. Delicious!

Here is an article from the February 16, 1978 Washington Post, which is a review of Pagoda 7.

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