Marlow Heights 60s and 70s

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Oxon Hill Senior High

Oxon Hill Senior High is located at 6701 Leyte Drive, in Oxon Hill, Maryland. It started off as the Oxon Hill Consolidated School, a union of five elementary schools, started in 1925. The school’s first addition came in 1926, with three more in a period between 1928 and 1938 at the site which is currently Oxon Hill Elementary School on Livingston Road.

In 1948, the consolidated school ended and a grades 7 through 12 school was established in a new two-story building, which is currently the Education and Staff Development Center facing Maryland Route 210. The school operated on a split session until John Hanson Junior High School opened. With an expanding suburban population, a larger campus opened in 1959, on Leyte Drive in the Southlawn community. In the early 1960s the school’s zoned attendance area stretched from the District of Columbia line as far south as Piscataway Creek/Bay. In the 1960s/1970s many of these neighborhoods were reassigned to the newly-built Potomac, Crossland, and Friendly high schools (Wikipedia).

The original high school building was demolished and a new one opened in its place in 2013.

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