Marlow Heights 60s and 70s

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Iverson Mall

Iverson Mall officially opened in Hillcrest Heights, Maryland, on September 21, 1967, located at 3737 Branch Avenue, at the intersection of Branch Avenue and Iverson Street. Prior to the mall’s grand opening, one of the two anchor stores, Montgomery Wards (more commonly referred to as Wards), opened on April 20, 1967, with then Maryland Governor Tawes cutting the ceremonial ribbon. The other anchor store, Woodward & Lothrop (most commonly referred to as Woodies), opened not long after. With both ribbons in place and with 60 stores inside, it became the DC area’s first mall to be built fully enclosed and climate controlled.

With 60 stores under one roof, it was quite the shopping experience for DC area shoppers, as well as a new hangout for kids and teens. The images below illustrate the stores that were part of the mall’s grand opening. Who doesn’t remember Sumie’s, Docktor’s Pet Center, and George’s Radiol & TV Store?
(Iverson Mall directory images courtesy of Gary Boone).

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