Groovy Links

Here you’ll find links to great retro/nostalgia sites. Most are related to the DC area, and others are nostalgia in general from the 60s or 70s USA. If you have a favorite 60s and/or 70s web site you feel others would like to see, send me the web site name and I’ll add it here.

Capitol Heights Memories
A site dedicated to the memories of Capitol Heights, Maryland, of its heyday, the 1960s and 1970s. Many of us remember Capitol Heights, because of the nearby Hillside Drive-In Theater.
Southern Maryland Online
Here you find a great web site dedicated to Southern Maryland, and you’ll probably run into people you knew from old Marlow and Hillcrest Heights.
DC Grocery
MSN group which originally focused on old DC grocery stores, but has expanded to other DC area stores and shopping centers/malls. TONS of pictures! Special thanks to the group’s moderator, Gary, for permission to use the picture of the Marlow Heights Shopping Center sign.
WPGC Tribute Site
Great, great web site, with all the information you’d want about WPGC. HUGE amount of audio air checks, promos, news, sports, weather, commercials, traffic, jingles, and of course, the “Sounds Offs”.
DC Memories
Great site, buries me in content.
This is one of the few links I can find on WEAM from this site, which has a sound file. WEAM, was a competitor to WPGC back in the 60s and 70s.
Excellent web site with an innumerable amount of photos from the DC area “way back when”. “Our” mall, the first enclosed shopping mall in the DC area. Count Gore De Vol, what else?! Anyone remember Link and the Wraymen? Hey, remember Sir Graves Ghastly Saturday nights on WTOP Channel 9? – a Baltimore drive-in theater still in business. Site is dedicated to all who lived in Washington DC during the 50’s,


Yesterdayland Cafe
A great board to visit to read up on those groovy 60s and 70s.
The 70s Preservation Society
Didn’t it just blow your mind?
Live365 Internet Radio
Go here and do a search on “Teen Idols Headquarters”, and try to sit through those stars of 16 Magazine and Tiger Beat. Don’t know why Donny Osmond and the DeFranco Family were so popular…
Red Barn
The only web site dedicated to the Red Barn fast food restaurant. Don’t look if you’re hungry! I have the recipe for the “Big Barney” and the “Barn Buster”. Yes, you can make a reasonable facsimile at home.
The most memorable local eateries along the highways and back roads of America
Great site to check out for all your old TV shows.