Marlow Heights 60s and 70s

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Deer Park Heights

I grew up in an area known as Deer Park Heights, which was off of Raleigh Road and St. Barnabas Road. Deer Park Heights was a development of mostly simple duplexes that were built in 1953, and comprise Akron, Beaumont, and Culver Streets, Dallas Drive, and Raleigh Road. There were also single family home off of then Walnut Drive, later renamed to Deer Park Drive, which ran from St. Barnabas Road and went all the way behind Akron Street into a loop before coming back around. Like the rest of Marlow/Hillcrest Heights and beyond. Raleigh Road ran from St Barnabas Road to where it originally dead ended at a footbridge going over Barnaby Run. Not far was Olson Street, and Benjamin Stoddert Jr High was just up the hill. In the early 1970s the footbridge was removed to make way for storm tunnels that ran parallel to Olson Street. Raleigh Road was then extended to Olson Street. it was a community made up of hard working, honest folks who had little pretensions but great outlooks on life. There were many military personnel, government employees, teachers, and tradesmen. It has been asserted that the Marlow Overlook Apartment was part of Deer Park Heights, as it was located off of Dallas Drive, which then intersected with St Barnabas Road. Anyone from Deer Park Heights remembers the footbridge that was the only way to cross Raleigh Road where it dead-ended, and onto Olson Street. I would love to have a picture of that footbridge!

Click on the image below for a video of Deer Park Heights of the late 60s/early 70s, followed by a gallery after it. The video was contributed by Tom Walters, who grew up in Deer Park Heights and was converted from film taken by Tom’s father. The first segment is his house on Raleigh Road around 1964 or 1965. The second segment is Tom and his brother Spyder bikes around 1969. Raleigh Road still dead-ended and there was the footbridge. There was a little parking area that still existed. (you can see a big red Mercury parked there.). The last segment is the big Poplar tree being cut down. This would have been in 1972. If you look at around 19 seconds into the video you can barely make out Raleigh Road as it extends to Olson Street.

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