Marlow Heights 60s and 70s

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Deer Park Heights

I grew up in an area known as Deer Park Heights, which was off of Raleigh Road and St. Barnabus Road. Deer Park Heights was a development of simple duplexes that were built in 1953. Like the rest of Marlow/Hillcrest Heights and beyond, it was a community made up of hard working, honest folks who had little pretensions but great outlooks on life. And anyone from Deer Park Heights remembers the footbridge that was the only way to cross Raleigh Road where it dead-ended, and onto Olson Street. I would love to have a picture of that footbridge!

Deer Park Heights Memories – More Coming Soon!

Have Photos from Deer Park Heights or anywhere in the Marlow Heights area taken during the 1960’s or 1970’s that you’d like to see included on this website?

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