5 thoughts on “Mr Yates_1967

  1. This is Mr. Yates – he was my all time favorite teacher at Sandymount Elementary….had him for 5th grade! That would’ve been somewhere around 1965!

  2. Loved Mr Yates. Had him for 5th Grade 1965. One day in class everyone had been speaking out without raising their hands. He said to the class that anyone else who spoke out without raising their hand would be going to the office. Well…I had not been feeling well that day. Mr Yates had turned around and was writing on the board so he couldn’t see me frantically waiving my hand. So I yelled out. He turned around just in time to see me barf all over. I remember him turning back around and hitting his head on the board!! Funny now. I am sure it was not at all funny then!!!

  3. I had Mr. Yates for 5th grade. One fond memory was our class called ourselves the “Yates Lightbulbs” for field day.., we had tie dyed yellow tee shirts! It was so much fun.

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