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Welcome back to Marlow Heights and the surrounding neighborhoods of PG County from the 1950s through the 1970s! Marlow Heights was named after some early settlers to southern Maryland, the Marlow family. Marlow Heights is located a couple of miles southeast from the  DC line, with Hillcrest Heights to the north/northwest, Suitland to the north/northeast, and Temple Hills just below it to the south. The focus of my web site is basically a five-mile radius from the epicenter of the Marlow Heights Shopping, but many communities slightly beyond it are considered part of it. I grew up in the area from around 1963, until we moved away in late 1973. I lived mainly in an area known as Deer Park Heights, which was off of Raleigh Road (Raleigh ran from between Olson Street and St. Barnabas Road). attended part of kindergarten at Sandymount Elementary and may have lived in Marlow Overlook apartments or Marlow Heights apartments. We moved away for a couple of years but returned when I was in second grade. I attended Owens Road Elementary while living at the Dennis Grove Apartments in Oxon Hill, from 1965-1967, then Green Valley Elementary for part of 1967, when we lived on 28th Parkway in Hillcrest Heights. During the Summer of 1967  we moved to Deer Park Heights and I attended Sandymount Elementary in Marlow Heights from 1967-1970 for 4th-6th Grades, Benjamin Stoddert Jr. High, also in Marlow Heights, from 1970-1973, and one semester of Potomac Sr High School in Oxon Hill in 1973, after which my family and I moved out of the area.

My first job was at the Red Barn (which we used to call the “Dead Barn”) located off of St. Barnabas Road when I was 14, in the Summer of 1972, which lasted for all of a month or so, for $1.35 an hour, and then went to work at the Jr. Hot Shoppes, Iverson Mall in Hillcrest Heights for $1.40 an hour. I ended up working there until December of 1973, but came back and stayed the Summer of 1974 with my mother in Upper Marlboro and worked at Jr. Hot Shoppes again. I was also a Block aka Grit for a few years, before falling victim to bell bottoms/flares, butterfly collar shirts,“ stack ” shoes, and that “feathered” hairstyle of the 70s. I decided to create this web site to connect with my Marlow Heights past, by sharing my recollections and photos, and hoping that others do the same. This site is a tribute to Marlow Heights and the great communities of PG County of its heyday, the 1960s and 1970s (with some of the 1950s and a bit of the early 80s, too), and the honest, hard working people who lived there. No pretensions but had great outlooks on life and made great parents to most of us, when there were neighborhoods chock full of kids. And we were outside most of the time!
Keep the memories alive!

Didn’t you ever wonder what happened to your old neighborhood in southern/central PG County, that place you perhaps haven’t seen in 30 or 40 years? Do you think about a favorite restaurant you used to visit, a teacher you had in school, a boyfriend or girlfriend, the neighborhood you lived in, your first job as a teenager, fads, clothing styles, a long lost friend from Marlow Heights or one of the surrounding areas? Or whatever became of your old classmates? If you lived in Marlow Heights, one of the nearby communities, or anywhere in southern and central PG County during the 60s or 70s, this site is for you and to, “Keep the Memories Alive”. There’s always a chance you’ll connect with old friends and classmates, and maybe even an old teacher or two. This is a participative web site, and whatever information, articles, links, photos, videos, or audio provided to me will be credited. If you grew up in Marlow Heights, or any of the ‘Heights of PG County, during the 50s, 60s, 70s, and early 80s, this is THE nostalgia site just for you! If you ’re wondering about the garish, gaudy colors on this web site, well, that’s how I remember the 60s and 70s!


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Looks like an old Block breaking into a locker at Benjamin Stoddert Jr. High!


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