Peppermint Pipers

The Peppermint Pipers were a 1960s Folk Group From Benjamin Stoddert Junior High School in Marlow Heights, Maryland.
The singing group was borne out of a class from the late Jean McHale (then Shaw), to put together a musical performance group. What started as performances at Stoddert quickly spread to other schools, churches, shopping centers, and other local venues. Eventually the group performed on local DC TV, as well as the 1968 World Hemisphere in San Antonio, Texas. The Pipers also recorded two albums. The group basically existed for two years only, the 1967-1968 school year at Benjamin Stoddert Jr. High, as well as 1968-1969. After that most of the group’s members moved on to Potomac, Suitland, or Crossland senior high schools. An attempt was made to continue the group at Potomac Senior High, calling themselves the New Peppermint Pipers. That same magic which sustained the group and kept the magic for two years at Stoddert, just wasn’t there, and the group disbanded.

In August 2010, most original members of the group got back together, and under the masterful direction of their original Musical Director, the late Jean (Shaw) McHale, performed in a reunion concert called “Piperstock”, at a theater in Easton,
Maryland. The crowd was mermerized by how much the group sounded so much like the boys and girls of 40 years prior.
It was an incredible masterpiece. Though we can’t go back in time, the Peppermint Pipers certainly did transport 100 people back to PG County, Maryland of the late 1960s that August evening in 2010.